Visual Identity by Cloudtrap (GREECE)


"Nowadays we all have easy and quick access to many alternative suggestions of products or services in order to cover our needs. Respectively, copying innovations is easier than ever. This is why it is widely accepted that the recognition of the advantages of products or services is feasible only through the creation of strong brands. What is more their appropriation and the development of those who are involved in a competitive environment, are also feasible through the creation of strong brands. Through a successful branding and design program, the insubstantial values of a brand acquire substantiality. Strong brands have the power to commit give the public emotionally to inspire trust and value by creating advantages. Branding and design “give life” to brands. They “build”their power and value. The creation of the company identity is the basis, the main idea, on which the whole business strategy is built. My thesis is actually a continuation of my research. It includes the creation of a new company, which will be active in a new domain ofGreek market; the domain of Natural products. The purchasing public targeted by the company is wide, as it  includes all ages, from 8 to 80 and its aim is to be equal to giant brands, inGreece and abroad, concerning quality and design. The creation of this company requires the design of its whole identity with the aim to create the packaging of its products."

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